Monday, April 15, 2024

Well I Was Off To A Good Start But Then ...

 🤣It's going to be one of those days,the morning started off bright ,& early like 4am early lol starting with coffee of course & bumping my waffles up by adding Coco to the batter

then I decided to work on making a few blocks,this is as far as I got


because the bobbin case jumped out & I can't make it go back in there 🤣

So we go outside,Grace is content soaking up the morning sun

the Amaryllis is blooming

the neighbors roses are coming over the fence over on my side😁

I came back inside ,made baked spaghetti ,salad & homemade lemonade,going to enjoy lunch & watch a movie 

If I don't manage to get that bobbin case under control pretty quick ,I think I'll shift over to cutting some things out 


Friday, April 12, 2024

Do You Ever Think, What Was I Thinking!

 The eye will always catch things that are pretty,things that are interesting, challenging at times & the brain is right there telling you ,🤔 looks easy enough 

Then you discover that it's not a simple allicade 👀 the instructions call to trace all pieces onto preview plastic to make the templet then trace the whole pattern onto  a 43 X 65 background of  6-7 yds of preview paper

Look how huge this pattern is!

Why oh why didn't I just buy the pillow pattern,noooo I had to have the quilt cause it was pretty,guess you could say my eyes 👀 double crossed me🤣  with the preview paper is $10 a yd, this piece calls for 6 yds🙆 I'm going to have to rethink this project ,since I'm not entering a contest ,I'm a long ways from that ,I can't see paying that

I'm not sure if this pattern can be done like an applicable 🤔 it is a challenge for sure ! Do you ever get yourself into things like this?🤣

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Behold The Beauty Of The Rain

 The soft rain is causing the hydrangea petals to fall,creating a snowfall effect,oh what a glorious  sight for the eyes to behold,if this is as close to snow I'll get them I'll take it & embrace its beauty ,a simple reminder we may not always get what we want the way we want it but God will always grant the way he sees best,I encourage you today to look past the rain & see the beauty that he has for you to behold

I absolutely luv my hydrangea bush that's now become a tree ,many may say it's out of control & needs to be cut back but I say don't you touch it! I luv it just the way it is & when I'm surprised with beautiful moments like this waiting for me this morning when I opened the back door I luv it even more,don't let the rain discourage you today  for I know how easy that is especially if there were plans but look past the rain & embrace the beauty that it brings

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Spring 2024 Club

 The goal is to list at least 5 UFOs with pictures & have at least  1 finish  June 30th with photos & post uploaded by midnight 

#1 color wash quilt top from RSC 2023 challenge, I'm still debating if I should add a border but probably just need to stop thinking & get it backed & quilted 😄

#2 red & white quilt top,I've had these square for years ,they kept getting lost in-between moves,this past year when I found them "again" I made sure not to lose them & delt with them,not sure about a border as I don't want to take away from the center star,looking for the perfect fabric or sheet lol for the backing

#3 for no rhyme or reason just started a scrappy quilt a little less than a yr ago just making blocks in-between other projects ,I think because I missed the scrappy I have my niece 🤣 anyways not going to let it drag out to long & get it done

#4 I started this jar quilt 2 years ago ,I think this year should be it's year for completion lol 

#5 those chickens are still flying around lol 

#6 I think this is the oldest of the UFOs flying around here,🤔 at least 13-14 yrs when I joined a quilting class at a quilt shop with my neighbor, long story short my husband got sick & I lost interest in it this will be mixed with sweet & painful memories but I do intend to finish it one day

Is there ever an end to UFOs🤣I had so wanted alllll the UFOs , quilting, wardrobe & crafts alike finished up before the new year but I think I'm kinda 4 months behind on that plan so I'm pushing for Summer🤣

Sunday Inspiration


Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Do Certain Colors Draw You?

 Through the years I've not thought of myself as a blue person when it comes to decorating ,yet I'm drawn to blue & white patch quilts ,there may be 3 things in my wardrobe that's blue

As I'm cleaning out & pulling out the sewing room I glanced up at my design board 👀 the blue one is speaking to me 🤣

there's already 2 waiting patiently to be quilted ,about 3 waiting to be sewn into tops not counting this one I started,it all started by cutting 5" squares to organize my scraps but turned into another quilt project just because I wanted to see what it'd look like🤣

So why is this blue block screaming at me to make a blue quilt with blue blocks like these,🙆does my mind not know that'd be another quilt!🤣🤣

with so much to do to get the sewing room back in order maybe this feeling will pass🤣🤣

Well I Was Off To A Good Start But Then ...

 🤣It's going to be one of those days,the morning started off bright ,& early like 4am early lol starting with coffee of course &...