Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Making It Up As I Go

 Well we can't always do it all at one time can we? LoL today's a day of laying low,staying in my pj's & making it up as I go

In trying to makes heads or tails to the order of this layout

I'm thinking of making more contrasting blocks

I may sit here a spell & tackle those lazy daisy stitches

I may work on my happy blocks for children's quilts

I may sew these blocks together for  the red & white quilt

I may just watch the birds๐Ÿ˜…

While reading the next book in Debbie Macomber's Rose Harbor Inn series

Every project is laid out & ready for progress,have you heard the saying "tomarrow will tell the tale"๐Ÿ˜…

This one thing for sure I need to eat my veggies while watching a movie before making any decisions today๐Ÿคฃ

Monday, October 2, 2023

Keep Your Eyes Open For The Beauty

 In the busy hustle & bussel of everyday life there's so much beauty that goes unnoticed,a busy day for my neice getting things ready for a baby shower,taking everything just right but just outside beyond all the excitement laid beauty right under your nose 

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Welcome October

 All the months of the year hold beauty in their own way but Fall & Winter just seem magical from the turning of the leaves to the twinkling of the Christmas lights

What's your favorite thing about Fall? There's the favorite go to places for Fall foliage,family get together at the pumpkin patch etc. but I wantta step outta my comfort zone & venture out a little further 

Speaking of a little further,the Zinnias & the mums are hanging on just a lot longer, Google says they'll thrive till the first frost comes which should be around Nov.

Saturday, September 30, 2023

The Moon That Won't Go Away

 Upon going outside early this morning with Grace I noticed the moon was still there big as life lol

Grace ๐Ÿ•had her playdate with Sadie๐Ÿ• yesterday,today's my turn,lol catching up with my friend Ree & hitting the big JoAnn pattern sale & maybe lunch,then back to the sewing room,nothing like a happy mess!๐Ÿ˜… ๐Ÿ‘€I need to set my clock lol

Friday, September 29, 2023

It's National Coffee Day!

 Today's National Day Coffee Day,although everyday around here is coffee day Grace & me are celebrating with National Day Calendar by having breakfast & watching the hummingbirds out on the laneigh this morning

I'll be in the sewing room off & on today,working on a few UFO'S & making quilt blocks for the Happy Blocks drive hosted by Quilting Is Better Than Housework

Grace & me made it to the park yesterday just in time to catch the sunset

And that moon!


Thursday, September 28, 2023

Have You Seen My Glasses?

 How many times do we say that? ๐Ÿ˜‚Mine seem to blend into whatever surface I lay them on,I watched a few tutorials on eyeglass holders & decided to whip one up

3 tries to get that bottom rounded out but I wasn't going for no prize lol now maybe they won't get lost so much especially when I put them in the basket with my embroidery ๐Ÿ˜‚

The zinnias & marigolds are still trying to hang on & the butterflies still fluttering around trying to get that last drop of nectar

It'll soon be time to clean out the little veggie garden , pansies are in the backyards future & that's as far as the thinking prosscess on that lol later I'll take Grace ๐Ÿ• to the park , hopefully they'll be a beautiful sunset ๐Ÿ˜

Making It Up As I Go

 Well we can't always do it all at one time can we? LoL today's a day of laying low,staying in my pj's & making it up as I g...