Saturday, July 13, 2024

Is It Done Yet?

 My Grace always gets excited to snuggle under a new quilt & sometimes impatient,taking a break from pinning the binding to get a cup of coffee ,come back to find Grace in snuggle heaven🤣

I like her to the couch with another quilt😄& she's content,now just a wee bit more of binding to pin down & here comes Sadie ,there was no moving this 80 lbs of chocolate sweetness so nothing to do but set the timer & take a pic🤣 she's a good weight to keep it from shifting so it's a win win for both of us🤣

There's rain in the forecast in the next few days so the mornings are starting to cool down but it doesn't last long so nothing better than to take advantage & hit the park early this morning to feed the ducks

Friday, July 12, 2024

Sadies Back!

Until I learn to do watercolor playing with the photo app on my phone will have to do 😄 we have Sadie again for a few days 

It's been a little too hot to go to the park today so they played in the backyard throughout the day

Mr Jay luvs his peanuts

Grace & Sadies hung close all day waiting for me to finish up this quilt lol

The weather says a few hours of 70's temps early morning due to rain coming in so we may make an early run to the park & feed the ducks! 

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Color Wash Take Two!

 I won't bored you by repeating all the mishaps with this quilt,all outer borders unstitched ,retrimed,pinned & ready to hand stitch, I tied up most of the day & hopefully I'll have some energy left to work on this evening 

Mr J was happy to find peanuts in the feeder this morning,who knew birds could have attitudes, he won't come by if there's no peanuts🤣

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Dreaming Of Fall

 Even though the first day of Fall will appear on the calendar in a few weeks it'll still be horribly hot weather ,40 yrs plus my husband & me hosted Christmas ,it took starting in Oct to get every room decorated ,perhaps I'll show you last yrs but for now let's talk Fall, last year I had Sunday dinner on the first day of Fall ,friends & family were welcome to come to the first Fall  Sunday dinner  after church ,this year I've decided to decorate ,not as much as Christmas but each room will have its own unique charm so I'll be starting in Aug because my body's not as fast as it use to be 🤣 so come along & step into Fall dream land with me

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Unpicking Two Days Later

 A few post back I explained how I was finishing up the color wash quilt for the Ravelry  UFO deadline ,long story short ,bobbin case popped out,needle broke, tension jammed all within the last hour till deadline 

Three tools & two days later


throughout the day I will hand stitch  it back together & get the borders on,also going on is working on is a layout for the scrappy quilt 

Outside happenings, I had the first Robin to visit the feeder but I think he was there looking for worms ,I'd just planted a few things & got the earth worms stirred up lol

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Christmas In July Week 1


Good things happen when everybody pulls together,Sadie was in charge of holding down the block arrangement 😄

This top is what I will call my rustic Christmas quilt

Grace & Sadie did a good job on their photo shoot

For now I'm thinking this will be a throw  but that could change by Christmas 😄 in-between working on some on going challenges I'll be working on Christmas week 2 
Joann's is having door buster sales & I got a great deal on some fabric @ $2.49 yd. the grey with the bees will be backing for the mason jar UFO quilt,the red dot will be for the red& white  5 point UFO quilt

Sunday Inspiration