Monday, September 18, 2023

Just Breathe

 Still no sewing as of yet my neice had major hernia surgery & she's staying with me, the surgery took almost 3 hrs & they cut her in the outside 5 times,today was the most she's been able to eat even though it's just a little as she can only have certain veggies & soft things like jello,ice cream etc. She is finally able to sit out in the laneigh for brief moments ,we had coffee & watched the butterfly's the Humingbirds were too fast to catch a pic lol

Grace is being a good helper,she will come get me when Tracy is stirring around lol she still can't understand why Tracy can't play with her,she'd went & got her baby & threw it at her ,this is her listening to me explain why Tracy can't play with her lol

Just take it one day at a time & just breathe!

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