Monday, November 20, 2023

Quilt Redemption & Our Sadie Girl

 Last year for The Rainbow Scrappy Quilt Challenge I decided to do little houses ,you can type in little houses  in the search if you wantta investigate their journey 😄 let's review & catch up🤔 didn't like the dark navy,had a wild hair to cut all the houses down,that didn't work out according to plan lol ,got thrown in the scrap bin,now we're here a year later,outta the scrap bin & said it is what it is , ,redid the layout ,another border or two & I'll get it quilted up

Sadie's patents had to be outta town ,,so we will enjoy her throughout the holidays,her & Grace has played like it's been forever since they've seen each other 🤔like 2 weeks forever lol

Sadies helping me make border decisions for the little houses quilt lol

there's a whole lot wrong with this quilt because of my wild hair & I started to trash it but it's not on display not a gift & ugly keeps you warm just the same as pretty🤣 but I will redeem myself in time to come & turn out one glorious little house quilt!🤣

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