Thursday, June 8, 2023

My Day In A Nutshell

 Do you have those days where you've gotten  a lot done but it doesn't look like it? got all 12 nest sewn onto the chicken blocks

there's more star blocks ready to be sewn together

Do you like to read?  Classics, Biographies,History,Inspirational just to name a few ,my husband's taste in books were from Louis Lamour Westerns to War, Aircraft, History etc. not only do I luv my books but do reread so many & plan to read his collection one day, three years after he passed away I moved to a  smaller home & there's still boxes of boxes to be found in the carport lol, meanwhile I finally found the whole series of Debbie Macombers ROSE HARBOR INN SERIES

these will be my next reads from my library,5 bookcases & then some qualified as a library 🤣
* The Inn At Rose Harbor
* Rose Harbor In Bloom
* Love Letters
* Silver Linings
* Sweet Tomorrows

I luving how the back yard is bursting with color,the garden veggies are holding their own ,there's still a lot of ideas for the backyard, little by little it's getting there

the purple finch was back today with a female 😁

the cardinals & doves made an appearance

sewing,reading plans,bird watching & dreaming about tomorrow's projects pretty much sums up my day on a nut shell😄


  1. Thanks for the book recommendation. I'll see if my library carries that author.

  2. I like your 9-patches!!! I've read and enjoyed all those Debbie Macomber books, too!

  3. Lovely sewing & bird life. I will look out for those books too - I have read a lot of Debbie McComber, so I'm sure Thye will be good.


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